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I am somewhere over the Pacific Ocean in an airplane. You betcha I am uncomfortable and pissed off. I hate flying. I realize there hasn’t been many blogs go up lately, sorry. It has been a busy couple of months. I have been planning a wedding, working a lot, trying to fix up an old truck, buying a house and getting ready for this trip. I am currently flying to Hawaii, specifically the island of Oahu. It will be my first trip to Hawaii even though for my entire life, up until this past July, I thought that the reason I was brown-skinned was because I was Hawaiian. It’s a long story, filled with ironic commonalities and the kind but formidable passing of time. This blog will mark the beginning of my story (title pending) about how – at the age of 27 – I came to know and meet my biological father and grandfather and my true ethnicity. I have a camcorder and I’m going to film a bunch and edit it down into 5 parts maybe, with some writing for explanation and some video. So, stay tuned and subscribe to the blog via email so you don’t miss anything.


My Interesting Friend and Her Podcast!



I have been obsessed with Psychology for a while now, it is very interesting to me the way people think and interact and why. That’s where my whole “trying to know everything in the world” started. I saw a book called “Subliminal” by Leonard Mlodinow and that was the beginning of my adventure to know all things. Now my book shelf is filled with the writings of; Jonathan Haidt, Sebastian Junger, Susan Cain, Malcolm Gladwell, and Simon Baron-Cohen to name a few. It is an impossible task, to know all things, I am aware, but I am enjoying it.


I used to live in Houston, Texas when I was younger, and I have a lot of friends from there I keep up with. One of them is Kelly Stewart. Kelly and I went to school together, and after I moved, as it often happens, we didn’t speak as much. A while back, I can’t remember when, I was scrolling through LinkedIn and saw where she posted a podcast about Industrial and Organizational Psychology. So, I immediately subscribed and listened. The I-O Podcast is interesting and informative, and I would recommend it to anyone who is employed and wants to better understand human behavior in the workplace. It features guests such as; Eleni Lobene, Ph.D., S. Morton McPhail, Ph.D., and Talya N. Bauer, Ph.D. Click here to find out about I-O Psychology.


My friend Kelly Stewart is the Host of “The I-O Podcast” within the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). She has worked as a project manager and assisted organizations like The New Orleans Police Department, LA Tech University, and Medical Clinics in the Louisiana area to develop cost effective solutions for recruitment and retention by analyzing data and research. She went to Texas State University for undergrad and is a I-O Psychology graduate of Louisiana Tech University.

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We have recently been talking and in the future, we may team up on some things, maybe I’ll be on her podcast, maybe she will write a blog on Generally Specific. Who knows. Either way you should certainly subscribe to her podcast BELOW to be enlightened on topics of interest within or related to the realm of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As always subscribe to Generally Specific for updates on blogs and have a wonderful day!

SIOP Podcast


Introducing Life in the Kingdom: A Southern White Boy in a Foreign Land

Hello All,

Starting Wednesday, November 15th, And every other Wednesday after, a new Thread will be added to the blog. One of my best friends, David Wagg Cannon, lives and works in Saudi Arabia and i asked him if he wanted to write some about that. David and I graduated high school together and have been friends ever since. He accepted and sent an intro for himself and his contribution ideas for Generally Specific that you can read below with his photo.



“To be honest when I accepted Zac’s invitation to contribute to this blog, I was hesitant. Then I quickly realized it was my first opportunity to use the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism I spent six years getting. Yeah, the very one I haven’t utilized since graduating in 2015, and leaving my internship as Producer and On-Air personality at a local radio station.

This isn’t my first trek into the world of blogging. My last venture was a semester long requirement for a media class I was taking. Naturally, because I was required to do it, I put in just enough effort to get a good grade, and the corresponding credits. With that in mind, it’s not hard to fathom that this blog has already out paced the above mentioned.

Essentially, I’m here to add a little extra variety to the great content that Zac and Pate are already publishing. My main thread will be titled, “Life in the Kingdom,” because currently I am at the beginning of a second, one-year term contract working for a military contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the course of this thread I will take you into the various aspects of what it’s like to be an American Expatriate (Expat) in the Middle East. From time to time, at Zac’s directive, I may branch off to hit another topic now and then, but my focus will be this thread. Over the first couple posts I will go into cultural barriers I’ve faced, the nightmare that can be international travel (especially from a Middle Eastern country to a western country), and even the most dangerous aspect of my day to day life (which will shock you). From there we will see where this vast desert land takes us. I’m always open to suggestions or questions, so please feel free to blow up the inbox!

So with that, grab your shemagh, sunglasses, and water bottle cause it’s always a hot one when you’re living “Life in the Kingdom!”


Get ready for a fun new addition, as always share the blog with your friends and hit us up in the inbox.


The Madness of Curious George



In the 1.5 years I spent in Community College I met a few of my very best friends, two handfuls of worthy acquaintances, and many forgettable people. I learned more about myself and my negative habits than any form of actual schooling, apathetic procrastination being one of those many negative habits. In descriptions of peoples experiences attending college, partying and being poor are a cliche common occurrence. Some people actually go to class and pay attention, unlike myself, benefiting from it and applying it to future endeavors to become a functioning adult. With or without passionate & caring professors, those who meet at least the minimum requirements and finish the classes for their chosen degree receive a diploma and go on to bigger and better things for the most part. You rarely hear credit given to the professors for students’ accomplishments. Although my priorities were askew the duration of my college career, I remember a couple of professors that not only were passionate and actually cared about us, but they inspired me and I looked up to them with a great deal of respect. One of them being Professor Zac Showers. Zac currently teaches at Florida A&M University but taught English 101 & 102 at my CC and his class was one of my favorites. His personality is magnetic and his teaching style was transparent and pure. While I was in college I looked forward to his class and put effort in the assignments he gave me unlike other subjects I was studying. I think one of the main reasons I liked his class is because he didn’t act like he knew everything, it seemed as though he was learning along with us in class. It is more appealing to learn something if the one teaching it doesn’t hinder your attentiveness with monotonous exaggerations of their wisdom. It’s a personal opinion, but i’d rather be in a room full of people trying to reinvent the wheel than attend a conference about how the wheel was perfected. My choice to start this blog is fueled by my constant desire to know all things and Zac Showers is one of the reasons I am able to express myself creatively in this format.


Generally Specific is an arbitrary assortment of ideas, findings, opinions and stories. Sticking to that format I would like to introduce a new addition of content, The Madness of Curious George. TMCG is Zac Showers’ interpretation of the childrens show, Curious George. Zac decided to write about it after this hilarious exchange with his daughter, Lucy:

“>Lucy is done with The Wiggles
>wants to watch Curious George
>She said “more monkey, more monkey” for ten minutes before we figured out what she was saying.
>start showing Curious George
>sometimes Curious George is not onscreen
>this Her Majesty pleaseth not
>cries and screams “more monkey!” until George reappears
>The wife says “I can’t make the monkey stay, Lucy!”

No one can. No one.”

Zac might also contribute to this blog in the future as well other than TMCG, but expect at least one installment of TMCG a week, and follow his blog HERE I know it may seem repetitive or unnecessary to post his blogs on here individually when there is already a dedicated website for them, but I don’t care. They need to be spread around to everyone! They are a perfect example of the innocence of children and how they think in terms of entertainment. His takes on the show are hilarious, and it is refreshing to read because he is expressing his interpretation of a cartoon in a unique and interesting way that shows his relationship with his child and her interests. I hope it entertains you as much as it does me. Below is the first one titled “Dishwasher”.


“This morning, Curious George dumped a bunch of food in the dishwasher and flooded the apartment. In his misguided attempt to find the clog, George went to the basement and opened up the main waterline, thereby flooding the rest of a swanky, big-city apartment building.

Probably millions of dollars in damage.

No one beat or killed Curious George.

They simply called a plumber and fixed it.

Forget Job. Lord, grant me the patience of The Man in the Yellow Hat.”


What in the Blog?

I’ve got to admit, I’m not a pro at this. Zac asked me recently would I be interested in joining in his blog page and possibly turn to podcasts down the road. There wasn’t a need to even think about it. I’m on board. I like to talk. I’m active on social media. I like to make videos. I have a YouTube page I just started loading videos to, a Reddit page I need to use more often and a Facebook page where I post daily. My dream job would be to have my own radio show and just talk about every topic imaginable. Currently, I’m a fireman in the city of Spanish Fort and that’s what I’ll be until the radio broadcast dream comes true. You’ll have to forgive me if this blog turns into a runaway train and then leaves the tracks. I’m watching game 3 of World Series. I’m a sports fan. Could watch anything. Don’t tell me watching baseball on TV is boring. I won’t agree. I’m highly interested in the direction this will lead. No matter what blog topic I may post about, I’d like to hear feedback from anyone who’s willing to join in. I’ll be back tomorrow to start this off right. Can’t wait!

Please Welcome, Pate Cardwell!



Pate is a friend and brother from my time in the Army, and a mortal enemy because of our first responder careers. You might have seen him on Buzzfeed, or one of many websites that used his photos from a witty reply to his wife’s request of him using the selfie stick she gave him (pictured above). He may have even literally saved your life at some point in time, and will certainly enrich your life by joining this website. He will be contributing to Generally Specific in the editor role, publishing and editing blogs, and will eventually be a huge part of the podcast once it gets off the ground. I imagine he will post an initial blog to tell you all about himself and what he hopes to accomplish with this blog. As the interaction numbers of the blog increase by the day I am excited to team up with Pate to grow our followers more and more with a wider audience by his unique and entertaining point of view. Expect a blog about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and if you’re lucky, maybe a war story or an adventure tale from his smoke diving career. Suggestions are always welcome here and feedback fuels the blog, contact us if there is anything you have on your mind!





I’m considering starting a podcast! I have no experience with podcasts other than listening to them constantly. This is just a hobby thing, i do not look to monetize the podcast, obviously, my following wouldn’t support it. There is something intriguing about talking to people in a setting where they know their recorded, yet want to express themselves in a way that brings them interest. Of the many podcasts i listen to i would have to say that my favorite is Joe Rogans podcast. He is interesting enough to spark interest and has a wide array of guests on that never disappoint. I sometimes listen to podcasts of his with people on them that i don’t particularly care for just to see if they redeem themselves because i know that even if they don’t, i will still be entertained by Joe himself. Aside from the 10 minutes of ads he does i have no complaints. I realize that to make money doing them you must do ads, and they work, I have purchased a few things from Onnit, a fitness company, and i’m pleased with their products thus far.


I am not famous, and have less than 5,000 followers across all of my social media platforms so i doubt any podcast i did would produce income or be heard by many, but its an enticing thought. I think the idea of speaking with the potential of at least one person listening is appealing to most people, especially since you aren’t doing it in front of them live. It feeds an ego that i think most people have. Not in a negative light, like most people associate ego with, but just simply being heard, or expressing your thoughts and ideas. Regardless of how introverted or shy a person is, i think most people genuinely want to be listened to. I personally have been known to thrive as the center of attention and i have no problem with it, i actually enjoy it.


I don’t know the logistics of it, and certainly have no idea where to start, but i think i may give it a shot. As far as guests, obviously i don’t have a giant fancy list of interesting guests that are well known everywhere but i will start with family and friends. Topics will be arbitrary and relevant for the most part, and length will be dependent on availability and time. if this is something that just ends up fading away i wont be surprised. Just keeping up with this blog and putting out content and condensing my book to put out is time consuming enough, but hopefully i can succeed with both and gain a bigger following. That’s the goal to this right? Gain a huge following and blow up? become relevant? Its part of it for sure, but my main goal is to just enjoy it and entertain/inform whomever i can.


If you read this and have any ideas, tips, or opinions let me know! my inbox is always open!