This blog is a place where I unload the constantly growing mass of information and thoughts that are stagnantly wasting space on my iCloud via the notes app on my iPhone. The content and views expressed on this blog are my own and in no way represent any person business or agency other than myself and aren’t meant to be factual, logical, or even interesting to any specific person. Any feedback felt necessary to be shared with the author of this blog (that extends past a like, comment, follow or share) can be sent to zacharydcooke@icloud.com. “Feedback” as used above includes but is not limited to; complaints (about my content or your significant others bad habits), compliments (on my eloquent writing style or your good taste in writing styles), suggestions (for blog topics or beard oil brands), advice (including relationship and mobility), confessions (concerning your personal life or the infidelity of any famous recording artist), proclamations (of the heart or mind), and questions (as children often have).

Love more, Hate less. Work hard, Cash Checks.