Introducing Life in the Kingdom: A Southern White Boy in a Foreign Land

Hello All,

Starting Wednesday, November 15th, And every other Wednesday after, a new Thread will be added to the blog. One of my best friends, David Wagg Cannon, lives and works in Saudi Arabia and i asked him if he wanted to write some about that. David and I graduated high school together and have been friends ever since. He accepted and sent an intro for himself and his contribution ideas for Generally Specific that you can read below with his photo.



“To be honest when I accepted Zac’s invitation to contribute to this blog, I was hesitant. Then I quickly realized it was my first opportunity to use the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism I spent six years getting. Yeah, the very one I haven’t utilized since graduating in 2015, and leaving my internship as Producer and On-Air personality at a local radio station.

This isn’t my first trek into the world of blogging. My last venture was a semester long requirement for a media class I was taking. Naturally, because I was required to do it, I put in just enough effort to get a good grade, and the corresponding credits. With that in mind, it’s not hard to fathom that this blog has already out paced the above mentioned.

Essentially, I’m here to add a little extra variety to the great content that Zac and Pate are already publishing. My main thread will be titled, “Life in the Kingdom,” because currently I am at the beginning of a second, one-year term contract working for a military contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the course of this thread I will take you into the various aspects of what it’s like to be an American Expatriate (Expat) in the Middle East. From time to time, at Zac’s directive, I may branch off to hit another topic now and then, but my focus will be this thread. Over the first couple posts I will go into cultural barriers I’ve faced, the nightmare that can be international travel (especially from a Middle Eastern country to a western country), and even the most dangerous aspect of my day to day life (which will shock you). From there we will see where this vast desert land takes us. I’m always open to suggestions or questions, so please feel free to blow up the inbox!

So with that, grab your shemagh, sunglasses, and water bottle cause it’s always a hot one when you’re living “Life in the Kingdom!”


Get ready for a fun new addition, as always share the blog with your friends and hit us up in the inbox.


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