Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year”

Someone please explain to me how anyone is upset Colin Kaepernick was named “Citizen of the Year” by GQ magazine.

Between yesterday and today you’ve probably seen that GQ has Kaepernick on their cover and an article following talking about how he was named Citizen of the Year. A lot of people are unhappy about it. For the life of me I just can’t wrap my head around people’s emotions on this topic.

Yes, I’m aware of the comments Kaepernick has made. Yes, I’m aware of the kneeling he’s done, the clothes he’s worn and the trend he may have started. I’m also aware of the job he no longer has, the boycott of anything NFL and the struggling TV ratings. I’m also aware of the fact that he turned 18 in 2010 and has never registered to vote. He has never voted.

I’m aware of all of these things. Naturally, some people are going to agree with him and some people are going to disagree with him.

Here’s the way I look at it and it may not be the popular point of view. GQ magazine has named Kaepernick Citizen of the year over what could be hundreds of millions of candidates. Yes, we’ve seen the popular response which is “Why not JJ Watt? He raised 37 Million dollars for Hurricane Relief!” My answer is simply this. It’s GQ Magazine! This is not in any way, shape or form, going to have any effect on my life. I have never in my entire life read GQ Magazine. It’s like if the NRA decided to name Super Soaker 2000 water gun the “Gun of the Year”. Who cares? It’s a title awarded by a magazine company. GQ magazine sales are not what they once were. Add a little controversy, now everyone is talking about them. If you agree with the award then great! If you don’t, that’s also great! But what is not great, is the constant back and forth of who’s right and whose wrong.

We need to relax more. Our culture is too high strung. The media knows this and plays off of our feelings and emotions. Everyday, people around the world are going to have different views of different situations. People are DIFFERENT. That’s never going to change.

Sometimes in life, you’re going to get things your way and sometimes in life, things are not going to be the way you would want them. Accepting that fact will save you a lot of stress, pain and heartache.

One last thing. Be kind to one another.

One thought on “Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year”

  1. Very good points all around. People need to worry about themselves and their families and treat people like you wanna be treated. If people dont like you, so what. Its about your choices as a human being. Case closed.


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