Dear 16 Year Old Self

Dear 16 Year Old Self,

Let me just start by saying you know nothing. You’re 16 years old, clueless and naïve, so listen to what I have to say.

High School will not be the hardest years of your life. High School will also not be the best years of your life.

Why do you care so much about what people think? Considering after high school you won’t keep in touch with many of the people you feel the need to impress. Being popular in high school will not matter the rest of your entire life. There’s no spot on a job application that asks how cool you were from 2001-2004.

Don’t give up so easy and don’t procrastinate. These are two bad habits, that if you start, you will continue to regret.

Quit acting like it’ll kill you to spend time with your family.

Take a chance. Don’t be so scared people aren’t going to like you for who you are. The world is bigger than Bay Minette.

When Nick asks you to see a no named band Kings of Leon in a small dump, go see them. They’ll be good one day.

Make sure Kindal closes her car door all the way after Homecoming. It’s a scary time when that door swings open taking a turn onto the highway. But, maybe, don’t close it all the way. It’ll give her something to make fun of you for, for the next 16 years.

You should really be more athletic. That’ll help you one day when you make an overnight decision to sign a 5 year enlistment contract with the Army. While you’re at it lose your fear of heights. You’re going to get paid to jump from airplanes one day.

Go find Garrett, Emily and Lindsay and give them a hug. They will be missed. They will also be some your biggest motivators in life.

For the love of all that is holy, do not trade in your grandfather’s truck! It doesn’t matter what you drive and you’ll always wish you would have kept that truck forever.

Don’t feel sorry for hitting a home run off of Joseph Palmer. He’ll grow up to be a veterinarian and have a beautiful wife and baby. He will be ok.

Fish more, you won’t do it as much as you’ll like when you’re an adult.

You and the Turpen family will have even better memories as you age.

Don’t buy that Mustang GT in 2004. It’ll cause nothing but problems. Working extra to pay for high insurance premiums after speeding tickets won’t be worth it.

Stay up every night and watch Jay Leno at 10:30. Once he’s gone, he’s gone. Except for that time he unretired and came back. But then he was gone for good.

Be careful who you choose as your idol. People aren’t always what they seem.

People come and go. Let them. When you’re old enough you’ll understand the qualities you need to look for in a friend.

Don’t think you have to know what you want to do with your life by graduation day. At 32 you still won’t know what you want to be when you grow up.

You’re at church every Sunday with your parents. Why don’t you try something new and pay attention.

Time will fly by, you’ll feel much older than you are but you’ll settle down one day and be happy. There will be kids involved. LOTS of kids.

Quit letting money burn a hole in your pocket. Learn to save early.

You’ll never do geometry again.

P.S. Relax

One thought on “Dear 16 Year Old Self

  1. Not bad at all. I say keep writing…. It’s good for the body,mind and spirit. It has healing attributes and the little ones may try it as well. I think its a wonderful ideal.


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