Roll Tide your life

This has been one of the rarest weekends of fall. Both Alabama and Auburn are on bye weeks. The lack of football related posts on social media among my friends was evident. If you are from Alabama, you know all about the history and the current events of Alabama Football. Now, I’m not the biggest Bama fan. I actually support another team more, but I watch every Alabama game and I’ve been to a few games. Most of us remember 10-14 years ago where winning records were 3-8, 4-9, and 6-6. Even though people want to forget, everyone remembers when newly hired coach Mike Price was fired before he ever coached a game. That story is worth a Google.

Since 2007, Alabama Football has turned around under the control of Nick Saban. We all know what Saban has done for the team, multiple SEC Championships, 4 National Championships and a complete change of culture in Tuscaloosa. There’s more Bama gear being worn and more Roll Tides being yelled than ever before. Alabama Football is known for their crushing run game, and their monster defense. It’s become our culture now to expect dominance from Alabama during every game. At the sign of the least bit of error we yell at the TV “run the ball!” or get on Facebook to express our displeasure on the offensive play calling or about how the #1 ranked defense isn’t performing up to standards. Most popular, how coach Saban will be yelling at the players at halftime because a 14 point lead over Colorado State is unacceptable.

We see the work ethic by the players and the excellence that is demanded by the coach staff. We’ve all jumped on board to even stay for all 4 quarters of the game because Coach Saban basically scolded fans and told them to. People have bought into the NEW Alabama Football 100%.

Except there’s a problem. We haven’t brought this Roll Tide culture into our own lives. We are sloppy, lazy, underprepared and underperforming people. We’re late for work continuing to do the minimum while we are there just holding on for 5pm and waiting for the weekend. When our bosses ask more of us we complain, get an attitude and contemplate quitting. I think it’s fair to say some haven’t seen a gym in years and have no want to continue education. But here we remain, critical of the 18-20 year olds who perform nationally in the spotlight after a full week of school and preparation.

At what point do we pursue the same greatness in our lives? When do we stop expecting so much from others in sports to give us joy and happiness and start progressing ourselves towards everything that will change our lives for the better?

As we start a new week, add some Roll Tide to your life.


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