Please Welcome, Pate Cardwell!



Pate is a friend and brother from my time in the Army, and a mortal enemy because of our first responder careers. You might have seen him on Buzzfeed, or one of many websites that used his photos from a witty reply to his wife’s request of him using the selfie stick she gave him (pictured above). He may have even literally saved your life at some point in time, and will certainly enrich your life by joining this website. He will be contributing to Generally Specific in the editor role, publishing and editing blogs, and will eventually be a huge part of the podcast once it gets off the ground. I imagine he will post an initial blog to tell you all about himself and what he hopes to accomplish with this blog. As the interaction numbers of the blog increase by the day I am excited to team up with Pate to grow our followers more and more with a wider audience by his unique and entertaining point of view. Expect a blog about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and if you’re lucky, maybe a war story or an adventure tale from his smoke diving career. Suggestions are always welcome here and feedback fuels the blog, contact us if there is anything you have on your mind!


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