I’m considering starting a podcast! I have no experience with podcasts other than listening to them constantly. This is just a hobby thing, i do not look to monetize the podcast, obviously, my following wouldn’t support it. There is something intriguing about talking to people in a setting where they know their recorded, yet want to express themselves in a way that brings them interest. Of the many podcasts i listen to i would have to say that my favorite is Joe Rogans podcast. He is interesting enough to spark interest and has a wide array of guests on that never disappoint. I sometimes listen to podcasts of his with people on them that i don’t particularly care for just to see if they redeem themselves because i know that even if they don’t, i will still be entertained by Joe himself. Aside from the 10 minutes of ads he does i have no complaints. I realize that to make money doing them you must do ads, and they work, I have purchased a few things from Onnit, a fitness company, and i’m pleased with their products thus far.


I am not famous, and have less than 5,000 followers across all of my social media platforms so i doubt any podcast i did would produce income or be heard by many, but its an enticing thought. I think the idea of speaking with the potential of at least one person listening is appealing to most people, especially since you aren’t doing it in front of them live. It feeds an ego that i think most people have. Not in a negative light, like most people associate ego with, but just simply being heard, or expressing your thoughts and ideas. Regardless of how introverted or shy a person is, i think most people genuinely want to be listened to. I personally have been known to thrive as the center of attention and i have no problem with it, i actually enjoy it.


I don’t know the logistics of it, and certainly have no idea where to start, but i think i may give it a shot. As far as guests, obviously i don’t have a giant fancy list of interesting guests that are well known everywhere but i will start with family and friends. Topics will be arbitrary and relevant for the most part, and length will be dependent on availability and time. if this is something that just ends up fading away i wont be surprised. Just keeping up with this blog and putting out content and condensing my book to put out is time consuming enough, but hopefully i can succeed with both and gain a bigger following. That’s the goal to this right? Gain a huge following and blow up? become relevant? Its part of it for sure, but my main goal is to just enjoy it and entertain/inform whomever i can.


If you read this and have any ideas, tips, or opinions let me know! my inbox is always open!



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