Between The Bars Introduction

I have been working on a novel of sorts for the past few years, on and off, not really focusing a whole lot of attention to it. I felt that this would be a good platform to actually focus and finish it. it is fiction, which is odd for me. I feel like i have a decent imagination but my book shelf is filled with Malcolm Gladwell, Lenonard Mlodinow, and other exclusively non-fiction books. I could never seem to get into reading fiction but i’m dead set on writing it. I have seen a few authors/writers (although i don’t consider myself one) release their novels this way, posted online in 1-5 chapter reads, such as Mark Twain used to release his work one chapter at a time in the days before full-fledged novels. I would like to state again, i am no writer. i simply enjoy it, as a hobby, and love the idea of being creative in this format because it allows me to do so without any restraints. Seeing as i only have 1 follower right now (SHOUT OUT TO YOU!!) the criticism will be slim, but hopefully i will have more later and would love to hear feedback from everyone.

The story is called “Between The Bars”. I would classify it as a dramatic love story with a dash of crime and a stroke of heartbreak. Follow the journey of a talented artist, Joy Holloway, as she maneuvers through life fueled by and struggling with a Xanax addiction, trying her damnedest to provide and care for herself and John Paul, her autistic older brother, in a place where the artsy escape ridicule but fall prey to crushing isolation. Like I’ve mentioned before i am new to this, don’t know how to explain it other than to just tell the story. So that’s what i will do, piece by piece. The format of this blog page, “General Specifics”, will be 3 blogs a week. One humorous/pop culture-ish. One that’s serious/motivational-ish. and then a piece of “Between The Bars”. i will try to stick to 3 a week, hopefully i will have content/time to do more in the future. Expect the first part of “BTB” sometime in the next three days.



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