America: Fixing it, Impossible? Probably, But Try!


Everyone has an opinion about everything, and that’s okay! The problem with opinions is that they’re mutually exclusive to most people, which I think is ridiculous. Now, more than ever, is a time that people argue and debate how they feel about specific things and preach their opinions as the only truth. People should be more objective, not too right and not too left.




A perfect example is the recent kneeling in protest while the National Anthem is playing at NFL games. Far right people are blinded by xenophobia and racism while quoting Jefferson Davis and bringing up how these over-paid monkeys are disrespecting their great grandfather who fought in the war, even though they never met the man and probably didn’t know that he had a boyfriend who was a black guy, and sided with Franklin D. Roosevelt on many social issues. The far left is held up in a cave having flashbacks of a CNN video of an “assault” rifle cycling through a 100 round clip, contradicting everything they say and painting pictures of Donald Trump with a clown nose quoting Hitler, all while sending thoughts and prayers so fast and aggressive in an attempt to resurrect 1960’s Bernard Sanders for one last “peaceful” protest before the world ends because “Not My President” said something rude about Mother Clinton. I honestly believe that if you agree with, or buy into, EVERY idea or guideline that is all the way right or left, you are neither; an intelligent person or someone who needs to talk about anything ever to anyone.

The kneeling may have started as a peaceful protest of police brutality against black people but it has turned into nothing more than a publicity stunt now. I agree that there have been many cases of police brutality in the last decade that were terrible and wrong and need to be talked about and protested to keep from happening again. The media and ever-growing simplicity of gathering information worldwide has kind of magnified these happenings, which is good and bad. It’s good for the exposure of wrong doings by police but bad for the justified actions of police, and both parts have one common thread, political opinion and persuasion. I hate to repeat the cliché argument but I’m going to, I’m self-destructive that way, “there are good cops and bad cops”. There are situations that happen where the actions of police are justified and some where they aren’t. Too much of the blame game is being played, the media falsely portrays police and claims they are acting on racist thoughts. While I agree there are ABSOLUTELY racist cops out there, I would argue that less than 1% are actually acting on those thoughts, and mostly not the ones that the media decides to cover. people can have ignorant racist opinions, but that’s a right given by the same amendment that allows the media to say whatever they want. The media highlights race because we as a country are drawn in by it because we’re too ashamed or bored of who we are to care about what’s actually going on around us and need someone to blame for it. Equating race to crime is silly, statistics shouldn’t even matter when it comes to crimes. Unfortunately, it does because the faults of our ancestors and so now we have to live in this world.

But how do we fix it? We can’t. I know (because my fiancé told me) that it is ignorant to state absolutes, but, we ABSOLUTELY cannot fix this problem in our world. If we were to begin to try though, this is how we would do it:



“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart”
-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

^that quote is awesome and so true.

We have natural, instinctual, drives that move us forward to survive and thrive. Furthermore, we are living in a culture that continues to stimulate fear and desire, grouping us into a particular consumer role or party that leaves us unconscious to our true self. I may be biased by my own beliefs but I think human’s true moral make-up is 49.9% evil and 50.1% good. And that .1%, although minuscule looking by most, I believe is enough to preserve life and is the key to a more harmonious mortal life on earth. I also think that .1% is unstable, constantly tipping from one side to the other. People should stay off the band wagon and pay attention to their own flaws rather than pointing out others. You should think about how you can convey ideas that are helpful in a way that is accessible, and how you can be useful without slipping into a selfish prideful mode that is counterproductive to the battle of keeping that .1% on the good side of the scale. Throughout time humankind has been exposed to data and information of their ancestors that gradually rises decade by decade. That data and information is exponential these days, and will continue. People get better and better, I think, because of the knowledge of our ancestors, and I hope that continues. Good deeds and positive vibes don’t sell though, so turn off the news and act out of kindness. Forgiveness is a necessity for change too! You’re trapped by a belief if you cannot forgive. To be liberated of that you must change the way that you react or feel to a certain person or instance, especially if it has a negative vibe. Pay attention to what you’re doing and ask yourself if it is productive to a better you.

Remember to be objective and have an open mind, but not so open that everything spills out.



“If you know the way broadly you will see it in everything.”
― Miyamoto Musashi


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